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Dear colleagues!

The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the work of the XIX International Conference
"Problems Informatics and Modeling (PIM-2019)",
which will be held on September 11 - 16, 2019.
On the basis of the Odessa National A.S. Popov Academy of Telecommunication
Electron (Karolino-Bugaz)


Directions of the conference:

1. Information technology.
2. Computing networks and systems, elements and devices of computer technology and control systems.

3. Application of mathematical modeling in science, engineering, medicine and economics.
4. Diagnostics, control and reliability of digital devices and systems.
5. Neurocomputers and neural networks.
6. Image recognition and image processing.
7. Soft computing in computer science, modeling and management.
8. Telecommunication systems, networks and technologies.
9. Intelligent medical decision support systems.

10. Cybersecurity.


Target dates:


30.06.2019 - Giving Committee is ready to print abstracts volume of one page A5.

05.07.2019 - Report on the inclusion of the report in the conference program.

15.07.2019 - Deadline for payment of the organizational fee.


The invitation and the requirements to the theses for the conference can be downloaded here.


Conference languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Organizing Committee.

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Herald of the National Technical University "KhPI".
Series: "Informatics and modeling".

ID of author

State edition. Collection of scientific papers.
ISSN 2411-0558 (Online).
ISSN 2079-0031 (Print)
Year of foundation::
Industry and problems: Scientific articles published in the Bulletin of NTU "KPI" in the series "Computer Science and Modeling" reflect the results of research by scientists and specialists in the field of information technology, computer networks and systems, components and devices of computing equipment and control systems, software, the use of mathematical modeling in engineering, medicine and economics, diagnostics, control and reliability of digital devices and systems, neurocomputers and neural networks, pattern recognition and image processing, soft computing in computer science, modeling and management, telecommunication systems and networks, intelligent medical systems support solutions and their components.
Placement of the journal in international scientometric databases, repositories and search engines:
I. Serial registries: ISSN (France).
Abstracting systems: Index Copernicus
(Poland), eLibrary (Russian Federation)Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI, Russian Federation).
 Web-based search systems: Google Scholar (USA).
IV. Electronic Libraries:
 VINITI (Russia), Сyberleninka (Russia), Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE, Germany), Open Journal Systems (Ukraine), The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (Ukraine)Scientific and Technical Library of the NTU "KhPI" (Ukraine), TextArchive (Russia).

Indices of the Bulletin of NTU "KhPI". Series: "Computer science and modeling"

I. Index Copernicus:
Impact Factor ICV 2013 - 4,91;
Impact Factor ICV 2014 - 64,23 (Standardized Value 2014: 6,50);
Impact Factor ICV 2016 - 61,12.

Scientific electronic libraryeLIBRARY.RU:
General indicators:
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX rating by topic "Automation.
Computer Engineering"
- 53.
Place in the overall rating SCIENCE INDEX -
Indicators for 201
The indicator in the SCIENCE INDEX rating is 0.
The two-year impact factor of the RSCI is 0.
The five-year impact factor of the RSCI is 0.
The five-year Herfindahl index -
The ten-year Hirsch index - 4.

III. Open Academic Journals Index
Impact Factor OAJI 2014 - 0,351.

IV. Google scholar:
ndex - 11; i10-index - 14.

Review process

 All manuscripts are initially treated by editors to assess their compliance with the requirements of the journal and the subject.

After the editor decision the manuscripts are sent to at least two external experts working in this area. The manuscript goes double-blind peer review: neither the authors nor the reviewers do not know each other.

Review comments transmitted to the author, together with a recommendation for a possible revision of the manuscript. Publishing editor reports to the authors about adopting manuscript without require revision or authors are given the opportunity to review the manuscript and submit it again, or manuscript rejected.

Periodicity of the newsletter: 2 times a year.
Language of publication: English, Russian, Ukrainian.
Founder: National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute".
Responsible editor: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Olexandr Zakovorotniy,
arcade@i.ua, tel. +38 (057) 707-61-98.
Executive Secretary: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ganna Filatova,
filatova@gmail.com, tel. work: +38 (057) 707-61-98.

Editorial address: 61002, Ukraine, Kharkov, st. Kirpichova, 2, NTU "KPI", department "Computer Engineering and Programming". Telephone: +38 (057) 707-61-65.


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Serial registries

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Abstracting systems

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Electronic Libraries

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Since 2001, the department "Computer Engineering and Programming" National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" has organized the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Problems of Informatics and Modeling" (PIM) and five sections of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Information Technologies: Science, equipment, technology, education, health" (MicroCAD). Materials of each of the conferences are published in the Bulletin of NTU "KPI", the series "Informatics and modeling".

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Sections of the International Scientific and Technical Conference

"Problems of informatics and modeling"


Описание: Описание: c:\info_f\pic2.jpgSection "Modeling problems". Section leaders - Dr.Sc., prof. V.D. Dmitrienko, Ph.D., prof. N.I. Zapolovsky, section secretary - Dr.Sc., prof. S.Y. Leonov.

Section "Information technology and modeling in medicine". Section leaders - Dr.Sc., prof. A.I. Povoroznyuk, section secretary - Dr.Sc.,  prof. A.E. Filatova.
Section "The use of computing, intellectual methods and information technology in science, technology and management". Section Leader -
Dr.Sc., prof. O.S. Logunova, Section Secretary - Ph.D., Assoc. T.V. Gladkich.
Section "Information technologies and models of complex objects". Section leaders -
 Dr.Sc., prof. I.Yu. Grishin, Doctor of Economics, Professor R.R. Larina, Section Secretary - Dr.Sc., prof., A.Yu. Zakovorotniy.
Section "Young scientists". Section leaders - Dr.Sc., prof. S.Y. Leonov, Section Secretary - Ph.D., Assoc. N.V. Mezentsev.

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